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Hold'em Cash Race [Micro-limits]

On July 17 PokerDom starts a promotion for the fans of Texas Hold'em micro-limits with a total prize pool of 500 000 RUB!

You will receive special points for each 1 RUB of rake during three weeks, and at the end of promotion these points can be used to participate in the lottery, in which: 

  • 100 prizes for 3 500 RUB will be drawn.

Moreover, Top 50 leaderboard players will be guaranteed a ticket to PokerDom 3 Years Anniversary, the main event of this summer.

The promotion involves Texas Hold'em RUB cash tables with blinds from 0.25/0.5 RUB to 5/10 RUB inclusive.

For every 2 000 rake points the player gets a unique ticket to the prize draw. For example, a player with 10 000 points gets 5 unique tickets, each with a chance of winning. The number of lottery tickets for one player is unlimited!

Participating in the cash race, you can compete for our new Bad Beat Jackpot for micro-limits.

Full terms

1. Cash Race points set-off starts on July 17 at 03:00 (GMT+3).
2. Cash Race points set-off ends on August 7 at 02:59 (GMT+3).
3. Promotion involves only RUB cash tables of Texas Hold'em (No-limit, Pot-limit, Fixed-limit) with blinds from 0,25/0.5 RUB to 5/10 RUB inclusive.
4. Promotion applies to anonymous, private and BOOST-tables.
5. 1 RUB of rake equals to 1 point.
6. For every 2 000 rake points, a player gets one lottery ticket.  
7. Tickets are awarded only for each full 2 000 points. For example, if you have 3 900 points, you will receive only one ticket.
8. Each player can win an unlimited number of tickets. 
9. Top 50 leaderboard players can participate in the lottery.
10. Lottery prize pool is 350 000 RUB, and 50 tournament tickets totalling 166 650 RUB will be divided among the best players.
11. The prize draw will be performed at random with the help of website and video-recorded. Winners will be announced on a special page of the PokerDom website on August 9 at 12:00 (GMT+3).
12. The row-major order of nicknames generated by the website will define prize places from 1 to 100. One player can win several prizes, if his/her several tickets are winning.
13. Cash lottery prizes will be credited to the account on PokerDom within 24 hours after the lottery is drawn.
14. You can track the number of points awarded in your game client in the "Cash" - "Active Promo" section.
15. The promotion terms may be amended or supplemented at any time.
16. Only PokerDom players can participate in the promotion.